A downloadable game for Windows

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? How did this happen? Relive memories from your past by clicking on the different objects you encounter during your ascension and find out the truth... 

Right mouse: Move foward

Left mouse : Interact with objects

Anthony Bouraba

Vianney Jouve

Idris Piers

Gwladys Salou

Maximilien Bouchard


finalBuild.rar 51 MB


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The music in the intro doesn't fit really well in the atmosphere of the game, but it's just a detail, it's not that intuitive that you need to keep pressing left mouse to ascend (in my opinion at least) and  the end at the florest feels a bit incomplete whithout an endinig scene and you keep looking at the screen like "it's over?".

But it's a good game trough, short but, I really felt the history, this style of story telling worked well on the game.

Hi Ronnie, thank you for taking the time to play our game and for your constructive critisism ! Glad you took some enjoyment in playing it ! 

There is overlapping BGM and become a strange mix between the upbeat opening and the piano playing at the begining, and a little bit of a trouble in navigating the cursor while "ascending", but oh well it's worth the try ^^

N.B. And... when The Little Ghost finally back to the pine forest scene, is that the closure of the VN? Because the game just stops there without coming back to the Home or gives any Exit button.

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Hi, thank you for playing our game and for your constructive critisism ! And yes although there is no ending screen the game ends when the listtle ghost is in the pine forest, after clicking on the last object which is a leash !